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Help us break the Guinness World Record - be a part of it!

Help us break the Guinness World Record - be a part of it!

20th October 2018

We are going to play the biggest game of Beetle in the world - ever. 
We are aiming for 400 players to beat the previous record of 252.
Funds raised will go to AFA Alzheimer's charity and other good causes.

The World Record is for a Beetle Drive. Martina assures us no beetles will be harmed during the event. Click the image for a 2 minute video

Bring the family to this once in a lifetime occasion.

Winners of Beetle games will be on TV, in magazines and Facebook Live. You could win the Golden Beetle, or a number of other prizes. Everyone will get a certificate for taking part.

How do you play Beetle?
It's a simple fun, family game. Everyone takes turns to roll a dice.
Depending on the number you can add a new part of the Beetle until its complete.
There are several rounds, with PRIZES for each first Beetle. Players change places after each one, so it is an evening of light-hearted sociable fun for all ages.
There will be food, drink and entertainment at this unique event. 

Please invite your friends and family to join in the fun and make up a table for 4 people.
Anyone from age 5 to 105 can play!

Participation contribution for charity  10.00€ euro per Adult.

SPECIAL OFFER: 4 tickets for the price of 3 - make a table of 4 for €30!